Thu. Dec 29th, 2022

If you want the best possible value from my services, the full SEO package is for you

When you hire me to do your SEO you get the full service – it’s not just a case of changing some meta tags and building a few links. I will constantly work with you and report back to you letting you know how things are progressing, and what we can do differently to get you better results.

All This And More!

My business is built on providing an excellent, effective and dedicated service. I work for myself and that means 2 things:

  • I am highly motivated to make your SEO spend work for you
  • I can charge less than half what big SEO firms would, and I offer a more personal service

What’s Involved?

Keyword Research
Not just as a one off, but with monthly updates and based on analytics data – it’s not just about what people are searching for, but also which phrases are actually working and bringing you traffic.

Tracking Keywords
You know; keeping tabs on which keywords you are ranking for, finding any new rankings as they appear and looking for successes which can be exploited to get more traffic.

Analytics Reporting
Ok you have the rankings, but where is your traffic coming from and what is it doing once it arrives? Finding out which phrases are delivering the best traffic is an important piece of the puzzle.

Webmaster Tools Reporting
Google gives you data about your site, I will monitor that info so that we can catch any issues early and find areas that are letting your site down.

Link Building
It’s all about quality, so all of the links I build are high quality, manually built links from sites which you will be proud to have links from.

On Page SEO

It’s about more than just your meta tags (although I’ll help you to sort out the basic stuff too), it’s about user experience. On page SEO should be an ongoing process, gone are the days of “Set And Forget”.

Every month I will review key pages, check out the competition and the latest in the SEO world and suggest any changes which could improve your site and make it better for your users.

If certain areas of your site are letting you down, that’s where we will focus – improving upon your weaknesses, duplicating your successes and staying a good few steps ahead of your competition.

That’s the way to not only get good rankings but keep them