Tue. Jan 3rd, 2023

What If You Could:

ThinkTraffic has been a valuable partner with their one of a kind off-site optimization services. Great results within a reasonable amount of time!

Adam Jankovits

  • Increase your sales by 50%?
  • Increase your sign-ups by 70%?
  • Generate 150% more leads?
  • Without any additional advertising spend!

What would even a 10-20% increase in conversions do for your business? 20% more income, every month with no additional marketing spend. Using conversion optimization, these sorts of results are entirely possible!

Grow Your Business Beyond Recognition!

Using our extensive experience of usability design and conversion metrics we will help you to design a more effective website. We will test different ideas to find out what works best for your website and your audience.

Conversion optimization is a bit like plugging holes in a leaky bucket. Until you have optimized your site, you can’t be sure that you are making the most of the traffic you are getting. Often, small and seemingly insignificant changes can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Generating targeted traffic is hard work and often expensive, so shouldn’t you be making sure that your website is up to the job first?

How Does It Work?

First we take a look at your site and at your traffic data (Analytics etc…) and find areas of your site that could be improved. Typically this might include:

  • Your home page
  • Your product pages
  • Your blog posts
  • Your checkout process
  • Your sign-up forms

We will look for pages (or groups of pages) which are under-performing. Pages where you are losing visitors (high bounce rates) or pages which are failing to get users to perform a key action.

We can run tests on individual pages (eg, home page), groups of pages (eg, all product pages) or even every page on your website (eg, comparing different navigation options).

Designing The Test

Next we will make recommendations regarding which aspects of a page (or page template) could be changed. We will generate ideas based on experience and best practice.

Based on these suggestions, we will design a series of alternative templates to be tested against one another. We can test anything from subtle changes to complete overhauls, to see what layout/design produces the best results.

We collect real user data and use it to conclusively answer those niggling questions; things such as:

  • Should that image be on the left or right?
  • Where should we put the buy it now button?
  • What type of navigation do my users prefer?
  • How can I get more users to my contact page?

We carry out split testing by showing different versions of a page to different users and tracking their actions. Once we have enough data we can pick a winner and show you exactly how much improvement has been achieved!

What Next?

It doesn’t end there though! Each test will hopefully improve your website; in fact, it is entirely possible to make big improvements with just a single test.

But the key to a successful website is constant improvement! Every experiment will give us new insight into what your users like or don’t like. By learning from past experiments we can design new tests and we can constantly improve your site.

Guaranteed Results!

We are so confident that we can make your website better that we will guarantee it! If after 2 months we haven’t been able to show you a clear improvement in your conversion metrics, we will refund 100% of the fees!

So what have you got to lose? Get in touch with us right now and let us grow your business beyond recognition.