Thu. Dec 29th, 2022

About Us / Meet The Team

Hello there! Welcome to the best page on our site…

Why do I say that? Because at Think Traffic we believe that SEO, the internet and business in general should involve more personal interaction and less jargon. You may live 5 minutes down the road or half way around the world – it doesn’t matter, we want to get to know you.

And this page is where we return the favour by letting you get to know us too.

Who Are Think Traffic?

Think Traffic Ltd is a small, UK based, SEO & Online Marketing agency. We like to work with small businesses and start ups, that’s because we are a small ourselves and we understand the needs of small businesses, not to mention the budget contraints!

We are based in a small town in Somerset called Frome (pronounced “froom” for some reason).

Our mission at Think Traffic is simple:
To drive targeted traffic to your website and to make your business more successful… Without it costing the earth.

The thing we love about the internet is that it gives everyone a level playing field, where small businesses can compete with the big guys. But in order to do so, you need a website that makes the most of your strengths and allows you to do what you do best.

Meet The Team

Alex Johnson

Hi, my name is Alex, I am the owner of Think Traffic Ltd. I learned to build websites while at university studying for a degree in business and marketing (and also running an ecommerce business part time). After university I worked at a digital marketing agency where I honed my skills as an SEO and before long I was managing the whole SEO department.

I love the internet and I like to think of myself as something of a computer geek – or at least I spend far too much time working with them! Outside of work though, I love riding my bike down big hills (not such a fan of the uphill bits), travelling when I can and learning languages (spoken and programming).

With my background in both business and web development I understand how websites work at a fundamental level as well as understanding how small businesses work and what it takes to make them successful. I love SEO and I love using data and user analysis to make websites better for their users.

Lee Davies

Lee is our outreach manager, which means that he mostly deals with finding awesome linking opportunities and coming up with creative ways to entice people to link to our clients’ sites. Link building is a pretty big part of SEO, so Lee’s job is an important one.

Lee also helps with on page SEO, and being something of a creative type he sometimes helps with graphic design work and website design.

After spending a large portion of his GCSE education studying graphics and media and experimenting with web design, Lee decided to pursue his other passion: music technology… However after realising that he was more likely to find a job on Mars than in music, Lee decided he would work towards a career job in internet related media.

Fast forward a few years and he has now started a career with your favourite SEO agency; Think Traffic. As a creative person, Lee enjoys the aspects of design and expression that comes with creating websites, whilst also indulging in creating music in his spare time.

Maeve Taylor

Maeve is our online PR manager, this means she is constantly looking for creative ways to create and build relationships with individuals and businesses to increase brand awareness. She also looks for interesting ways to generate some online buzz around our clients’ companies with the aim of driving additional traffic to their websites.

Whilst studying Events and Business at University, Maeve developed a great interest in marketing and relationship-building and is really excited to see the new and creative ways companies develop their online marketing strategies over the coming years.

Outside the office, Maeve will be found near a rugby pitch. She is an avid rugby fan – both supporting and playing. Ever since she was little, sport has always been a huge part of her life but following a few conversations (some very persuasive!) during Secondary school she tried rugby and has never looked back.

Nicolette Haresign

Nicolette is our own “content creation” expert. That means that she produces awesome content about just about anything. She is particularly skilled at getting a splash of personality into even the driest of content and creating articles that people love to share and link to.

After spending the majority of her childhood and teenage years wistfully dreaming of being able to call herself a ‘writer’, Nicolette has been lucky enough to work in the magazine industry since 2010. She now has a diverse portfolio that includes magazine and newspaper articles and features, blog posts, web copy, proof reading, and SEO optimised content. And she’s also had fantastic feedback on her tea making abilities (other hot beverages are available).

Alongside writing in all its myriad forms, Nicolette likes to sew, devour books (figuratively, not literally) and pretend that her cat understands every word she says.

Nicolette has written everything from guides to gardening and pond maintenance to education and politics, so she is also our in house “expert at all sorts of random stuff”.

Services Offered

We specialise in SEO and traffic generation for small businesses – from local services to ecommerce sites who have a national or even international audience. We speak to many small businesses who have had a website built and only then realise that they lack a realistic marketing strategy.

At Think Traffic we understand this frustration and we are especially good at helping small businesses to make the most of their small budgets and find their audience.

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • On page SEO audit & strategy
  • Usability testing
  • Navigation optimization
  • Link building & content marketing
  • Networking & link bait
  • Traffic generation & analysis