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Whether you have a business and need a new website or a design update or you plan to start a business and have this vague notion that you need to be online, we can help.

At Think Traffic, we work with lots of start-up or small businesses like yours and we are great at explaining things in a simple, jargon-free way. After all, our main aim is to ensure that you get a website that works, for you and for your business. Let us walk you through our web development process.


Before we can start building your site, it’s crucial that we understand your goals, your business, and the information that you want to display/ what you want your website to do.


This is the stage where we agree the site’s basic layout and architecture and discuss things such as menu structure, pages and categories,


Once we have a clear picture of what you need your website to do and the major design elements, we can get down to building it. The time it will take us depends on your requirements.


Once we’ve built your site, we can add the extra features that are going to improve its functionality. This is where we can add a blog, widgets, social sharing buttons and shopping cart capabilities.


This step is our favourite! We hand over your new site and you can start using it to grow your business. This is also the stage where we can offer a little help in terms of marketing, SEO and maintaining your site.

The Web Development Process

Like with many decisions, the burden of choice can prove to be overwhelming when it comes to new websites. We know that you want a functional, user-friendly site and together we can find the best option for your needs.
More importantly, we will also help you find the most cost-effective solution.

The first step is to decide what you really need from your website:

What do you want your website to do?
What information do you need to display?
What are your conversion goals?
How will you attract visitors?
Do you need an ecommerce site or a simple portfolio site?

Unlike some agencies, we like to start by thinking about how the website will fit into your business and how you will drive traffic and sales. Spending a little bit of thought on the marketing now will make your business more successful later.

This is the fun part! It’s also the stage that is the most subjective. We start by agreeing what the basic layout of your website is going to be and from there we can add styles and images.

Things to consider here are:

  • What pages will the website have?
  • Which pages will go into the main navigation?
  • What menu structure will you use?
  • Do you need categories for products?

Taking the time to plan how the website will look will allow us to produce a website with a consistent brand image. Consistency is important because if your style isn’t consistent your website will not look professional.

This is where the magic happens and it all comes together. Once we know what to build, we can build it. This stage will vary in complexity depending on the website that needs to be built. Simple websites can usually be built pretty quickly. Ecommerce websites can take a little longer, but if you have a tight deadline, we can usually do our best to work to it.

Our approach to working is flexible, so it is always possible to make small changes along the way as needed, although of course major design elements will be agreed in advance to avoid delaying or over-complicating the build.

Some businesses may be happy with a few simple pages and an email address, but most sites need a few extra bits to make them more useful. So, the next step is to think about what features your users might need:

  • Do you want a contact form or just an email address?
  • Do you want an integrated blog?
  • How about social media sharing buttons?
  • Perhaps you want to display your latest Tweets in a widget…
  • Or maybe you need a full shopping cart, to sell products

Extra features don’t need to cost a lot, but it’s a good idea to plan them in advance so that they are all nicely integrated.

Once the site is complete, we hand over the reins to you. For a simple site, there is not a lot to do from here – your job of course is to tell everyone about your new website and to start bringing in business, or we can help with that too.

For ecommerce websites, we can provide training on how to use and upkeep your new site, or if you prefer we can handle it for you.

We usually build sites in WordPress, which means that once it is complete, it should be reasonably easy for you to continue the maintenance on your own without the need for any coding.

However, if you require help and ongoing maintenance we can provide that too, either on an ongoing basis or just as and when needed. Making semi-frequent updates is a great way to keep your site fresh and relevant and it’s also good for your SEO too!

Want To Learn More?

If this is your first adventure in the world of websites you probably have lots more questions, so please check out our FAQ page to find lots of answers.

Of course, the best course of action that you could take from here is to get in touch with us. We are a friendly bunch and we love to talk about websites. Who knows: If you get in touch now, your website could be under way this week!

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