The Challenge

Shorex Capital are a pretty niche business with a very high-end service. They are experts in what they do and they work with a lot wealthy clients from around the world, offering advice and assistance to individuals who are interested in citizenship by investment programs globally.

They have a handful of well-established competitors, but as a smaller business they offer a much more bespoke and personal service, and that’s why they wanted our help to make sure that they were able to reach the right audience.

What We Did

When Shorex Capital came to us we had to start by asking a lot of questions to make sure that we fully understood what they did and the finer details of their services. This was important because Shorex Capital were keen to position themselves as experts and factual accuracy was therefore key.

Keyword Research:
As with most SEO projects, the first step was to brainstorm and shortlist the most relevant keywords to target. With a lot of different terminology in use, we wanted to ensure that we were using the same phrases as Shorex’s potential customers.

On Page SEO:
Next, we mapped our chosen keywords to the most relevant pages on the site and where we didn’t have a page, we considered creating one. This lead to the creation of an entire new section to the site, which would help to answer the user’s key questions. We then wrote / re-wrote the meta data for those pages and advised on how to improve various other on page factors.

We worked on several content centric tasks, but in particular, we set out to improve the content on the key “programs” pages, where the specific investment programs are explained. Our goal here was to make sure that the content was complete and accurate, but also easy to understand and compelling for prospective clients.

The Visa Tool:
We wanted to help Shorex Capital to make their site genuinely useful and interesting, which is not always easy in such a technical niche. So, we came up with the idea to research and build a “visa tool” which shows the user what countries different passports can give you visa-free access to. The tool, which is now live on the site, is not only useful, but a lot of fun, and the goal was to use it as a link building tool in the future.

The Results

By updating the content for this client, we immediately saw results when it came to approaching blogs for link building purposes. We also tracked rankings for keywords in several different languages and saw several ranking improvements, particularly for some important Russian phrases!