Link Building & Traffic Generation

No matter what Google or anyone else may claim, like it or not, links are perhaps the most important part of SEO – and certainly one of the hardest aspects. Unfortunately, no matter how good your website is, if you don’t have any links you will struggle to rank and you will struggle to gain traffic.

At Think Traffic we have dedicated ourselves over the years to building links in the most ethical ways possible, both by staying within Google’s guidelines and by focusing on the types of links that we would want even if Google didn’t exist (imagine that!)

In fact, our link building strategies are so honest and “white-hat” that we’d be happy to tell our mums all about them (you know, if our mums wanted to know about link building!).

3 Simple Principals

In order to ensure that our link building practices get the best results in a risk free way, we follow a few simple but important principals:

Link Building To Build Traffic

Back when links weren’t important for SEO, they still served an important purpose, and that was to guide people around the internet.

We believe that links for the sake of SEO don’t add any value to the internet, so instead we focus on earning links in the sorts of places where your customers are likely to see them. In this way, these links have the potential to bring you traffic as well as SEO benefits.

In fact, we ask ourselves:

If Google didn’t exist, would I still want this link?

If we can’t honestly say “yes” then that link doesn’t fit with this principal.

Link Building To Earn Links

In theory, all you need to do is build a great site with awesome content and the links will come. Unfortunately we know that this doesn’t always happen. Building quality content is a great start, but in reality most sites need at least a little boost to get started.

This is why we also focus on building links to earn links.

What this means is that we focus on building relationships with the right people, getting your content seen by influencers in your niche and building your brand online. By focusing on these types of activities we help your business to start generating its own links.

For this reason, when we build a link, it’s not just about the link, but also about the main fringe benefits that can bring.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Finally, we are careful to avoid a mistake that is oh so common in the world of SEO and link building. Often, when a new link building strategy comes along, it is taken up en mass and abused until it becomes an almost shady practice.

The truth of link building is that no single type of link is the best or the worst, but that focusing on one strategy alone is a bad idea.

We believe that it is better to use a variety of strategies based on what is a good fit for a given business.

Our Link Building Process

For these reasons, we always start a link building campaign by discussing with you, what your business does and what makes you unique. We then brainstorm potential link building ideas and work with you to figure out which strategies are viable and which ones we can try.

Throughout the campaign we work to build quality links that fit our principals and we learn as we go.

Once we have learned which strategies are working best we can focus our efforts on those techniques which are working best, but we are always careful to revisit other ideas and we regularly revisit the brainstorming stage in order to come up with new strategies.

One of the reasons that we are so good at link building is that we work hard to be creative and try new ideas. Because if you build links the same way as everyone else, how can you help to stand out?

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