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6 Fun Things That You Can Do With CSS 3


The great thing about the internet is that it is constantly changing and evolving, and at a basic level this means that the code itself is changing. The advent of CSS 3 was one particularly exciting change and as more and more browsers are getting up to speed, there is an increasing amount that you can do with your web pages. Several of the functions that CSS3 offers us can replace clunky Javascript functions with simple commands that work smoothly […]

Anti-Spam Techniques Building Contact Forms


If you have a website that allows people to contact you then you have a problem – SPAM. It is just a fact of the internet that spam is everywhere and it will find you, sooner or later. So in this post, I am going to discuss a few ways that you can handle spam when creating contact forms and contact pages for your website, and the pros and cons to each. Understanding Spam Scrapers Generally, when people send out […]

Landing Page Design: Principals For Building A Page That Converts

landing page design tips

Designing a landing page requires a lot of different thought processes and there is no single way to approach it. The different between a good landing page and a bad one can be a marketing campaign being profitable or not. And on top of that, a good landing page, with a great user experience is more likely to rank than a poor one. In this we are going to develop a landing page strategy from the ground up:   What […]

15 Or So Awesome Link Bait Strategies – How To Start Earning Links

Tweet from Neil Patel

What’s the hardest aspect of SEO? For most people it’s building links. Or more to the point – earning them. Because hopefully you are well aware by this point that any sort of scaled link building is a no-no from an SEO point of view. So how are you meant to earn links? Well the easiest way is to use content marketing and to create “link bait”. Link bait is a nice sound bite, but all it really means is […]

SEO & CRO Round-Up – 7 Posts Worth Reading From The Past 2 Weeks

SEO Is Art

It’s hard to write a blog post twice a week every week without occasionally saying something that’s already been said. In fact, it’s more or less guaranteed that you are going to create content overlaps. Fortunately, a lot of the time you can make your content unique by adding your own voice or your unique perspective to whatever topic you are covering. Occasionally though, it’s nice to share a little of other people’s work instead. In this post, I have […]

Content Marketing, User Intent & How to Rank Higher in Google


Imagine this: You have had lots of buzz around content marketing and you have been told that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. So you start creating lots of content, and publishing as much as you can. But after several weeks, or months you aren’t getting the results you had hoped for. Either you are getting no traffic at all, or maybe you’re just not seeing the Google rankings you had hoped for. Your problem could be in failing […]

How To Steal Your Competitors’ Links By Finding Outdated Content

Opensite Explorer results page

What is competitive link building? Simple: it isĀ using analysis of your competitors to build or otherwise gain more links… In the past, competitive link building meantĀ finding a list of all of your competitors’ links and then setting about getting links from those same sites. And back when that was just a case of submitting to the same directories it was a cinch. Now-a-days, blindly copying links is risky and a good way to get your site penalized either manually or […]

How Can You Grow Your Organic Traffic by 259% in 2 Months?

Graph of 259% increase in website traffic in 2 months

What’s the number one thing you want to achieve through SEO? Is it to rank for certain keywords? No, it is to increase your volume and quality of traffic and grow your revenue. Those two goals should be top of your list and if they are not, you are thinking wrong. In the image below you can see the sessions graph (number of individual visits) for in February versus April. Now This website has never been a huge traffic […]

How To Generate Insane Volumes Of Traffic Through Blog Commenting

Getting eyeballs on your content

For any new website, what’s the most important activity that you need to do to get it established? It’s not SEO (per se) and it’s not link building. It’s generating traffic! The reason is that, while links and SEO matter, nothing matters more than getting eyeballs on your content… But it has to be the right eyeballs! I’m going to assume that part of your internet marketing strategy will involve content marketing. It should because content marketing CAN work really […]

How To Increase Your Sales By 34% With One Simple Test

Split test results graph

Today we have a short case study of a simple conversion rate test that we completed recently. This isn’t a comprehensive guide, but just an example of the sorts of things that you can test and how the process works. The site that we were optimizing was Vaiva are already a successful brand in Denmark and have recently opened their UK site. Our first test was focused on the home page, we chose this page because at first the […]

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