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How To Use Content Marketing To Rank For The Right Types Of Keywords


We all know that content marketing is a big deal right now and that it is a powerful way to gain traffic, build links (or should I say “earn” links) and just generally become a king of SEO within your niche. Google loves good content, and so do your customers (probably). But content marketing is […]

What Is The Most Important Aspect Of Successful Content Marketing?


Everyone has heard of content marketing these days, it is a simple but ever-so-effective marketing strategy which can build you a lot of traffic and a brilliant brand image – but that will only happen if you do it right. Unfortunately, most businesses who jump on the content marketing bandwagon don’t know the pitfalls and […]

The Ultimate SEO Checklist:
57 Tips To Make Your Internet Marketing More Effective

Analytics Traffic Increase

Warning: Today’s post is a long one: I have decided to cover (almost) all of the SEO that I could think of. I’m sure I will have forgotten a few and my intention is to keep this post up to date as time goes by. So anyway, today’s post is a very quick look at […]

Conversion Rate Optimization & The Slight Edge Effect – How To Win It All

conversion rate vs profitability

The slight edge effect is a phenomenon that is known to be applicable in business and in a few other areas, but it is particularly appropriate for conversion rate optimization (and internet marketing in general in some ways). In this post, I will briefly outline what it actually means and then we can look at […]

What Happened In The SEO & Conversion Rate World Last Week?

using Google's disavow tool

Being a part of a fast moving industry like internet marketing it is important to keep up with the latest news and tips and just generally know what’s going on. So today, rather than a typical blog post I thought I would share with you some of the other blog posts around the web that […]

The Death Of Guest Posting: What Is The Future Of SEO?

Matt Cutts tweet about MBG penalty

Unless you live in a cave (in which case, how are you reading this!) you probably know that Google is somewhat on the warpath against guest posting and indeed it seems that the final stronghold of white-hat link builders has been turned over to the black hats! Personally I don’t like the notion of black […]

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