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Stop Link Building Right Now – You’re Doing It Wrong!

Stop sign - stop link building

Stop! You’re doing it wrong! Got your attention? Ok, then I shall explain. Chances are good that you are doing your link building wrong (if you’re doing any at all). I can make such a bold claim because I know that the majority of link building is done wrong – I see it all the time. The biggest reason that your link building is wrong is simple: You are trying to build links Ok, so now for the helpful part […]

Using Inspect Element To Create, Tweak & Debug Your HTML & CSS


As a web developer and SEO I spend a lot of time working with HTML and CSS, perhaps too much, since there is always something to be tweaked… And font-size adjusted, padding increased or color to be changed. When you write HTML you have an idea in your mind about how it should look, but most times it needs at least a little bit of tweaking before it will work exactly as planned. So in today’s post I am going […]

How To Start A Link Building Campaign By Copying Your Competitors In 8 Steps


For many, one of the hardest things about starting an SEO campaign on a brand new website is getting your link building off the ground. Where do you start? How do you convince sites to link to you? Which sites might want to link to you? Well, this post will guide you through a simple way to catch up with your competitors and get your first few links. Another nice perk is that this strategy should result in a fairly […]

6 Good Reasons To Work With WordPress When Building A New Website


In case you don’t already know what WordPress is, it is a content management system (CMS), which basically means that it is a computer program which organizes data via a database and delivers that data to the end-user, your website visitors. WordPress started out as a system for blogging, but it has evolved to the point where it is now a very powerful tool for creating virtually any type of website. I build most sites using WordPress. But of course […]

Getting Started With Bootstrap 3.0 – Responsive Web Design Made Easy


In case you didn’t know – the mobile revolution is going strong and more and more people are using phones and tablets to access the internet. To make the situation even trickier though, people are also still using regular computers and they expect their experience when switching from one to the other to be pretty much seamless. This is what responsive design is all about – making your site looks its best on every platform. And one simple way to […]

Responsive Design Tricks: Images With Relative Width & Fixed Aspect Ratio

054 - fishing boats at low tide

So I was recently coding a CSS based responsive design for a site and an interesting question came up. Here was the client’s challenge: “We want our images to resize dyanamically so that they are always 100% of the width of the main column. But we also want them to always keep a set aspect ratio of 2:1.” To make things harder, they couldn’t always guarantee that their images would be exactly the right aspect ratio. So for instance: This […]

6 Fun Things That You Can Do With CSS 3


The great thing about the internet is that it is constantly changing and evolving, and at a basic level this means that the code itself is changing. The advent of CSS 3 was one particularly exciting change and as more and more browsers are getting up to speed, there is an increasing amount that you can do with your web pages. Several of the functions that CSS3 offers us can replace clunky Javascript functions with simple commands that work smoothly […]

Anti-Spam Techniques Building Contact Forms


If you have a website that allows people to contact you then you have a problem – SPAM. It is just a fact of the internet that spam is everywhere and it will find you, sooner or later. So in this post, I am going to discuss a few ways that you can handle spam when creating contact forms and contact pages for your website, and the pros and cons to each. Understanding Spam Scrapers Generally, when people send out […]

Landing Page Design: Principals For Building A Page That Converts

landing page design tips

Designing a landing page requires a lot of different thought processes and there is no single way to approach it. The different between a good landing page and a bad one can be a marketing campaign being profitable or not. And on top of that, a good landing page, with a great user experience is more likely to rank than a poor one. In this we are going to develop a landing page strategy from the ground up:   What […]

15 Or So Awesome Link Bait Strategies – How To Start Earning Links

Tweet from Neil Patel

What’s the hardest aspect of SEO? For most people it’s building links. Or more to the point – earning them. Because hopefully you are well aware by this point that any sort of scaled link building is a no-no from an SEO point of view. So how are you meant to earn links? Well the easiest way is to use content marketing and to create “link bait”. Link bait is a nice sound bite, but all it really means is […]

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