Our Mission

To drive targeted traffic to your website and to make your business more profitable… Without it costing the earth. The thing we love about the internet is that it gives everyone a level playing field, where the underdogs and small businesses can compete with the big guys.

We see your website as the online home of your business and therefore, before you can compete with the best, we need to help you get your house in order.

3 Reasons To Hire Us

Think revenue. Think Traffic.

If you’re still undecided as to why you should choose us to help grow your business, let us persuade you.

We get it

It’s great to be ranked first in search engines but unless it translates to an increase in sales then what’s the use? We know that making a profit should always be the end goal, we have overheads too!

We’re boutique

We know we’re a small agency and we don’t have the thrills and spills of the “big dogs” but what we lack in scale we make up for in focus and dedication to your business. Your goals are always our top priority.

We're obsessive

We love what we do and spend a little too much time at our computers, much to the chagrin of our families! Honestly, we’re not happy unless we’re making your business more successful or else we’d feel like failures.

Meet The Team

Alex is the founder of Think Traffic. He learnt to build websites while studying business and marketing at university (and running an ecommerce business on the side) and his love for it spiralled out of control from there. Before founding Think Traffic, Alex worked as an SEO manager for a digital marketing agency, where he honed his skills.

A self-confessed computer geek, Alex is passionate about web development and how it impacts on business success, especially for small businesses. He often obsesses about the little details that could make a big difference and isn’t happy unless he’s knee-deep in either data or code. He can also do unnatural things with an Excel spreadsheet.

In the rare occasion that you’ll find him outside of the office, he will probably be either on his bike, quenching his wanderlust by travelling or learning a new language.

Top Quote

“There’s a restaurant in London, have you been to it?” (Alex is a master of specificity).

Lee is our outreach manager, which means that he spends most of the time persuading people that our clients’ websites are awesomely linkable (which they will be when we’re done with them). Considering the power of link-building when it comes to SEO, this is a pretty important role.

Lee is also passionate about graphic & web design. In fact, his face positively lights up anytime he gets to use Photoshop! As a creative person, Lee enjoys the many aspects of design and expression that come with creating dynamic websites & developing eye-catching graphics.

Lee is a coffee aficionado and spends his spare time pursuing the finest blends. His favourite beans come from South America; specifically, Brazil. He also enjoys creating electronic music in his spare time.

Top Quote

“81% of emails sent every day are spam…oh I thought you wanted a fun fact in general, not one about me”. (When asked for a fun fact for this bio)

As our account manager, Matt handles our key client accounts and makes sure that their projects are on track. He also manages content creation and is always looking for creative ways to build brand awareness.

After studying Public Relations at university, Matt is passionate about telling our clients’ stories in an engaging way and ensuring that copy and content are up-to-scratch across their website and social channels.

Matt is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and holds both Inbound and Email Marketing HubSpot certifications.

In his spare time, Matt can be found engrossed in a book or shaking his fist in a bubbling rage at people who make typos on the internet.

Top Quote

“Tabasco sauce is to food what Nitrous is to cars.”

3 Things About Us

We are coffee snobs

Apart from Matt, who is indifferent, the Think Traffic team love coffee. You could say that the bean juice elixir is our lifeblood. If you prefer instant coffee, it’s best you don’t speak to us (just kidding!).

We’re based in Frome


The Think Traffic office is situated in Frome (pronounced Froom for some strange reason), where we’ve been told Nigella Lawson gets her dresses. We’re sure other things happen here too though.

We’re pretty geeky

We fully embrace our tech-nerd personas and scream if we have to wear a suit or tie. We also get pensive about grammar and know our subjunctive moods from our conditional moods.


We are not recruiting for any particular roles at the moment. However, we’re always looking for fun, clever people. If you think you have the skills to make Think Traffic better and our customers more successful, get in touch at info[at]thinktraffic.co.uk, including your CV and some splendid reasons why you can add value to our team.