Welcome To Think Traffic

Hi there, my name’s Alex, I am the founder of Think Traffic. I have a passion for making websites better, using data to better understand users and working with small online businesses to help them become more successful.

At Think Traffic we pride ourselves on providing an honest and ethical service. We are always as transparent as possible and we are happy to answer any questions at all (in fact, why not check out our FAQ page?)

Want Your Website To Be More Successful?

If you need help getting more visitors to your website and increasing your sales / conversions then you have come to the right place. At Think Traffic we have a strong background in online business and marketing so we understand how to make websites more successful.

What We Do

The guys at ThinkTraffic work with a level of professionalism, passion and personality that is hard to find in this industry.

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Our job is simple: We will help you to make your business more successful by understanding your market, your business and your users and then by helping to develop an actionable SEO strategy. Our philosophy is not to try to beat the search engines at their own game, but to make sure that your website deserves to Rank by ensuring that it serves your customers perfectly. Every project is different, but some strategies that we typically use might include:

  • Keyword and competitive research
  • Basic and advanced on-page SEO
  • Load speed optimization
  • Usability testing & navigation optimization
  • Internal link optimization
  • Content marketing & link baiting
  • Crawl optimization & 404 error fixing
  • Link building & traffic generation
  • Mobile & Responsive Design

Our Ethos

Whatever the project, our job is simple: to make your online business more successful. We approach every project from a “user first” perspective. If your visitors aren’t your main concern then you’re doing something wrong! SEO should never interfere with user experience, it should enhance it…

We don’t believe in trying to fool or game the search engines. Instead we focus on creating websites which deserve to rank and helping to create enough buzz that they earn links naturally, from real people.

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The Personal Touch

We are a small agency and we only ever work with a handful of clients at a time. Every project gets the full attention of one of our SEO managers, and also my personal attention too. So if you work with us, I will be answerable directly to you at all times.

We make it a point to understand your business and your customers so that we can ensure that we provide effective advice and strong results. The best results always come from working closely with the client and pulling together to make the most of every opportunity. So if you are keen to work hard to make your business a success then get in touch now!

Still Have Questions?

We know that online marketing can feel like a bit of a mystery, so we have created an FAQ page to answer the most common questions about website development and internet marketing.

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