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Most SEOs are doing it wrong, they focus on building links and monitoring rankings. We don’t care about that because all that really matters is increasing traffic to your site and increasing your revnue.

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In a short period of time, the team at ThinkTraffic has become a valuable asset through their actionable SEO insights.

Brian Rice

At Think Traffic that’s exactly what we love to do. We are an SEO agency, but we’re not like other agencies; to us, SEO isn’t about the rankings it’s about generating large amounts of organic traffic and making websites better.

Our motto is that we don’t just make websites rank, we make websites DESERVE to rank, because in a world of constant algorithm updates, this is the only way to ensure a stable and diverse traffic base. We help you to find visitors who will become customers and we help you to convert them more effectively too.

More Traffic

Our SEO strategy focuses on generating organic traffic and building a long term content strategy which will lead to a sustainable traffic base and lots of targeted long-tail traffic. Learn more about our SEO strategy.

More Sales

We also offer conversion rate optimization, to help you to get more sales, more leads and more revenue out of your existing traffic. This is also an excellent way to further your SEO. Want to know more about conversion rate optimization?

Better ROI

Whatever services you are interested in our goal is always to help you to maximize ROI. We don’t believe in rankings for the sakes of rankings – we like to focus on making your website better. Learn more about our philosophy.