Welcome To Think Traffic

Hi there, my name’s Mark and I am an SEO and online marketing consultant. I have a passion for working with small businesses and helping them to grow their presence online.

If you’re looking for help with your online business then you have come to the right place. I specialise in helping small online businesses to make their websites more successful.


The guys at ThinkTraffic work with a level of professionalism, passion and personality that is hard to find in this industry.

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What I Do

My job is simple: I will help you to make your website more successful, both by helping to generate more traffic, improving search engine rankings and social media presence and by helping you to convert more visitors into sales.


My Ethos

The SEO industry has had a clouded image in the past and there are certainly right ways and wrong ways to do things. I have a strong ethos of doing things in an ethical way.

Rather than trying “beat” the search engines, I will help you to create a website that deserves to rank. I will help you to build a diverse traffic base of loyal visitors so that you are never left vulnerable to sudden Google updates.


My Methodology

I believe that good SEO should utilize a diverse range of tactics and tools (such as Social media and targeted content for example) and that it should always focus on adding value for the end user (your potential customers).
I never perform SEO purely for the search engines or allow it to stand in the way of improving user experience.

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The Personal Touch

I only ever work with a handful of clients at a time and every project gets my full attention. So if you work with me, I will be answerable directly to you.

I make it a point to understand your business and your customers so that I can help you to reach more of the right people and to strengthen your online brand.


Still Have Questions?

I know that online marketing and SEO in particular can feel like a bit of a mystery, so I have created an FAQ page to answer the most common questions about internet marketing, SEO and conversion rate optimization.

Other Links

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